The other morning I came in to find my NW6.5 SP5 (recently updated,
with new server.exe) server had crashed. THe message I got was:

Fatal error 0x0 raw 0xCF
FL r:\BE\Jabbah\1158\Nlmclt\RM\RM.c Ln 418
The program will now terminate

Netware configuration file
transfer cache to dos erroe 0x5
registry rolling back to last known good registry file
rebuilding kernel load template

netware kernel load template verification successful

It happened shortly after the backup would have started, and the "fatal
error" above references the backup software. I'm really not sure what
is happening. The closest TID I could find was #10096956 but I'm not
sure if it really applies.

I had problems with OFM for backup exec after installing SP5 (it would
crash my server, so I shut it off) so this just seems to be another in
a long series of issues with SP5 and Backup Exec 9.1.

I'm not really sure what to try to figure this out. The rolling back
to last known good registry file has me a little nervous, though, so I
would greatly appreciate any suggestions that anyone has.