I've been having all kinds of problems with Backup Exec 9.1 since I
upgraded to SP5. Tonight, in another attempt to remedy them, I
installed the TSA update pack for post SP5. Tonight when I ran the
backup it crashed (though, the server didn't, for once) after about an
hour, with a whole bunch of messages about the tape or tape drive being

The tape that I used was brand new, just out of the wrapper. So it
shouldn't be the tape. I suppose it could be the drive.

However, I've had these problems a couple of times (it has told me two
other tapes were faulty). But only while I've been having all of these
backup issues.

I do know that the TSA update includes some driver files, which I did
copy to the sys:system folder. I suppose those could be the problem,
though it seems doubtful. I don't think the file even contained
drivers for my particular SDLT.

I'm not sure where to look for the problem. There's so many variables
at this point. I can't tell if it is backup exec's fault, NW6.5 SP5's
fault, or the tape drive/tape's fault. It does seem unlikely, however,
that a hardware fault would have crashed my server in the past, which
was pretty common until I turned off OFM in backup exec.

Does anyone have ideas/suggestions/thoughts as to what to look at, and
what might be wrong? Who do I take this to? I'm guessing that Veritas
is going to suggest that the tape drive is bad... but I have my doubts
about that. Heck, it's only a year old. It seems to me that it's more
likely more SP5 garbage, but I'm just not sure.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!