We have a single server in tree, NW6 SBS SP5. The server is a Dell
PE2660 Dual Xeon, 2GB RAM. DS Version 8.6.2

We have a recurring problem.

Every few minutes CPU0 hits 100% utilisation for about 4 minutes. The
busiest thread is NLS UpdateEntry at around 4,000,000, next closest
thread is about 3,000.

This behaviour happens even if we reduce the startup files to a minimum,
e.g. no GroupWise, Bordermanager, FTP.

I have removed liences and NLS, run setupnls, then reinstalled the
licences with no change in behaviour.

I have renamed the nlsrup.nlm, nlsmeter.nlm, etc. as per a novell TID. I
have also applied nls703ft.

Please help as the server performance is awful at the moment.


Nigel McGowan