We have been having problems with restoring data to our clustered volumes

We are using Netbackup (Maintenance Pack NB_NWC_60_1_M ) to restore to a
volume on a 2-node Netware 6.5 sp5a Cluster. The production servers have
4Gb of memory each and are not overloaded at all.

The problem with the restores was occurring with SP4a too but applying the
latest SP (and enhancements) has not solved the issue. We have pretty much
eliminated the backup software being the culprit, as the same thing happens
using JRB Utils or even xcopy. The data restore is coming from different
original locations too, i.e. not a corrupt volume.

The abend occurs usually when restoring a file with a long path/filename
(although not more than 255 characters), and sometimes it is a MAC file. All
volumes are enabled for LONG, MAC, CIFS.

We have set up a test scenario, clustering within a VMWARE environment and
have replicated the same issue there. Attached is the latest abend
information from our most recent attempt.

Any thoughts anyone?