For the last month or so, one of our servers has lost it's console prompt.

Upon startup of the server, it gives this error:

7-20-2006 4:25:49 pm: SERVER-5.70-4631
Severity = 3 Locus = 18 Class = 6
WARNING! Server HS_MAIN_2005 experienced a critical error. The
offending process was suspended or recovered. However, services hosted by
this server may have been affected.

You can SEE the console but no prompt. If I access the remote manager I
can spawn an emergency console but can't do anything from it. If I
execute a shutdown, the server does not shutdown. The only way to power
off the server, is to remove power.

Aside from all this, the server is serving up just fine. Or it appears to

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.