We currently have an intermittent abend on one of our servers. This
server is a newly migrated Netware 6.5 SP5 server with version 7.51 of
the Proliant Support Pack for Netware.

It is a standard fileserver, with the Backup Remote Agent, Symantec
Antivirus, DNS, DHCP and ZENworks installed. It is an HP DL380 G4 (2
CPU's) with 4 GB of RAM. Hyperthreading has been disabled. It was
worse before when it was enabled, and it seemed to fix it for about 2
weeks or so ... now we're having similar issues.

None of the TIDs with this error is really similar to what we're seeing
(or at least the situation where they encountered the error is not) ...
in one, it recommends disabling multiprocessing support -- not
something i'd like to do on a file server unless I absolutely have to.

We've encountered this before on a server when we upgrade the Proliant
Support Pack and Service Pack 5 (from Service Pack 3) ... we rolled
back to SP3 and a previous version of the Proliant Support Pack.
Ideally we'd like to get the latest versions of both, especially the
support pack for security reasons. We have similar servers with the
same revision PSP4NW and OS SP which doesn't have this problem.

The next step for us is to roll back the Proliant Support Pack for
Netware (this is a newly migrated server, so I don't know if we can try
to apply SP3 on this server without breaking something), but I wanted
to know if there was something else I should look at first or if anyone
has encountered this before.