I recently upgraded from NW 6 to NW 6.5 SP5 and the latest server.exe
patch. I have a Proliant ML350 with 4GB of RAM and an on board NC7760
Gigabit adapter.

The server will continually run at 25% CPU and have slow ping responses
after running for 16-18 hours. There are very few users on this machine
now and I have stopped all other software except GW 6.5, NDPS, and File
and Print Serving.

When user attempt to login from XP machines with the Client it is very
intermittent and many times will not log in, sometimes it will log in with
full context. If I log in locally then run the Novell login it will work
except it does not map any drives from the login script. It gets an IP
address from the server via DHCP however pings are much slower than they
should be. Anyone have ny ideas where to look.