This am the novell server sarts to load. It gets past the polimgr (says
it loaded ok) then it stops on
NICI CCS: Fatal Initializaion Error
Controlled Cryptography Services are not available Setting _Admin VolumesID

When I look at Vrepair It says no Volumes defined so trying to See if
there is something I can do in there isn't working.

When I load nwconfig, and try to open the autoexec.ncf it says SYS Vol
doesn;t exist or isn't loaded (nwconfig-6-269)

The screen stops on a : cursor. I can't figure out which way to go with
this. I can Down the server, this turns it off gracefully.

I wondered if the sys vol may be full and this lock up is a result of it.
If so how do I get it up so I can take something out?

It is Novell 6.5 Sp3 small business suite.

Anyone have any ideas to point me in the right direction?