This on is strange. It happens every so often, and I cannot track down
anything on it. The server hangs with a screen that states Multiple Abends
on Processor 0 System Haulted.

EAX 00000030 ECX 00938424 ESI 00128043 ESP 66F7144C EIP 00107272
EBX 009BB394 EOX00000030 EDI 000000A EBP 009B394

I have to power the server down and bring it back up. It comes up fine,
but the Abend log has not been updated. All of the logs indicate that
everything was running fine before this happened. System is a Dell
Poweredge 4600 4GB RAM, Dual 1.8 GHz XEON, Netwoare 6.5 SP3, running
Groupwise 7 (GWIA, GWMTA, and web access)

Any help is appreciated