My server froze the other day and came up to the following screen upon
restart. TYhe weird thing is that it did not write to the abend log
like it usually does. Now nobody can login.
This is shown at the System Console

module did not release 1 resource
Module: NSS Distributed Volume Manager (Bui
Resource: VOLMN Event
Description: Event Notification Call Backs

This is shown at the logger screen

Admin volume startup: Error resolving volume name = -601
September 16, 2006 2:54:37 p.m. NSS<VOLMN>-3.22-3403: volmnAPI.c[845]
The volume manager message layer was unable to initialize Novell
Directory Services (error -677) - exiting.

I cannot run DSREPAIR, it just freezes, I tried to authenticate through
consoleone and get the following error message: (Error -663) The
directory database is locked on the server. This error will be seen in
DSTRACE when the source server is trying to synchronize with the target
server which has a locked database.

Any ideas or help on this issue will be greatly appreciated.