We have recently purchased two Dell Dimension 5150 PentiumD 820 DualCore
(2.80GHz,800MHz fsb, 2x1MB cache) to serve as WorkStations to our Novell
Netware 6.1 network. Both Machines run Windows XP, as does another Tiny
Workstation we purchased about a year ago.

We are running a DOS based legacy system on the network, which we having
been using very satisfactorily for about 12 years under a variety of
MicroSoft Operating Systems going right back to DOS.

The system mainly runs OK from the new Dell WorkStations with one important
and serious exception: When we edit a .txt file with a DOS based text editor
such as MS Edit, if we attempt to save the file to the network drive, the
file gets deleted instead of saved. Saving to the C: drive works OK.
Exactly the same operation from any of our other WorkStations works fine.

We have consulted the Dell support help line in Bangalore and they can't
help because they do not have a Novell Netware network. It doesn't seem to
be a purely XP problem because our other XP WorkStation works OK. We
suspect something in the machine setup, maybe in the registry, but dont have
any idea where to start looking, We don't think it is anything to do with
rights because other machines work OK. Also database updates form within
the legacy application work OK.

Any ideas, please?

Yrs Edward Raikes