This is a do over for a previous thread b/c the symptoms have changed,
but the result is the same. See thread titled

[URGENT! Service process max out, server hang, "Work To Do" on console]

The current status is this:

- server is non responsive to client request, but I can rconsolej in and
flip through the consoles

- No mounted volumes on this server except sys and a small printq volume

- No NDPS, no 3rd part apps

- Current service processes maxed out at 750
- hundreds of suspended server.nlm threads, thread "Server 521"
currently hogging processor time

- Processor utilization shows 0%

This is a completely different server than the one w/ the same issue a
week ago, with the exception of the boot drives and RAID controller used
to connect them. All different RAM, processor, everything else is

We've moved everything off this server, but I really would like to have
it back. Is it possible my server.nlm is corrupted some how?

Please help!!