Dual Processor
Gigabit NIC
1,000+ OSX machines
500 PC machines

Have eDirectory setup, PC's and OSX machines authenticate to the server.
The OSX machines use LDAP for authentication and we have LDAP search
helpers in there since we have several OU's. The PC machines use LDAP
for contextless logins. Randomly and becoming more frequently the LDAP
Service on the server is causing the whole server to be pegged at 99-100%
utilization. The OSX machines start failing to login, the PC's still are
able to login and use the Contextless Login. I can also during that time
run a LDAP Browser against the server and it is able to browse without a
problem. If I unload and reload the NLDAP it doesn't seem to clear the
problem. Usually if I reboot, it will last lately for a couple of hours
before it starts to fail again. I'm guessing that the reboot is long
enough that it clears the OSX machines pounding on the server.

I heard that the OSX machines will check the LDAP to see if it is active
100 times every second, so I'm guessing this is causing part of the
problem as it is getting a little like the chatty AppleTalk.

Didn't know if there was some tuning and tweaking that I could do to get
the LDAP better performance and to avoid it stop giving OSX users access,
because it is only for them that it starts failing.

Thanks in advance for the help,