We have 6 servers with Netware 6.5 Support pack 5 - CPR release, that
are suddenly hanging up regulary. They are not abending so we have no
logs to look at. If one server hangs, a second will soon follow or has
already hung up.

All of the servers in question have the following message on their
TimeSync Debug screen. "NTP BroadCast Packet Discarding the
packet." The ip is our gateway and it can change depending on how many
nics and vlans the server has configured. I have one server as a
reference server going to the outside for its time and all other servers
as a secondary going to it for their time.

We have run hardware diagnostics, and have ensured that the servers have
the latest SP's and BIOS/Firmware is the latest.

We are running seg.nlm to monitor the memory usage on the servers as
well. Novell has not found a solution thus far.

3 servers are GroupWise 6.5 sp5 - these servers hang, do not reboot
themselves. No abends showing in log. Usually hangs 2 to 3 times a day,
require a hard boot.

1 server is our DNS server - this has been the most stable. Has been up
for 3 days.

1 server is our backup server - this server generally just resets
itself. Will occasionally hang and require a hard boot.

1 server is a file server - requires a hard boot.

We had some major routing changes done but everyone seems to think this
has nothing to do with it.

help! thanks tons in advance for any help ..

Hazel Rodriguez