My server had abend (2) on the console - the log shows no abend 1 which
indicates something hosed access to the SAN for a moment. The casualty
abend 2 was on GWINTER. The server seemed to recover okay and all apps
remained running and our policy is to bounce the servers in the late evening
when there is an abend. Later in the afternoon, though, it abended twice
again so now abend (4) but no abend 3 is showing. The casualty abend was
again on GWINTER.

I recently upgraded my GW to 7.0.1 on that server and suspect the culprit to
indeed be something with WebAccess - but, is there anything I can do to find
out for sure without an abend 1?

This server runs a secondary domain, GWIA, WebAccess and Messsenger agents.

Connie W