I have had a time getting to a point where I can get a server running. I
think I need to reinstall SP5. When attempting to do so I get "THe
operation aborted because sys:system\products.dat file could not be
accessed. (nwconfig-6-108). I cannot attach to the server in any method
from another machine. I have copied products.dat from another machine to a
disk, but cannot rename the current product.dat or copy the new one because
I have no idea what commands are available to do this with. All I can get
to is a nw command prompt with the server name to run from. Monitor, and
nwconfig work, but not much else. I cannot get startx to run either. So I
need this sp5 installed. Anyone with any ideas of what commands to use to
get to a "Dos prompt" where I can copy, paste, and rename. Thanks David