NetWare 6, SP5, frequent cpu utilization issues. Main culprits have been:

backup exec

among other things. This is a GroupWise server. It's running 6.5.5.
It also runs webaccess and gwia. It also runs backup exec.

I've tried to nail it down but am really struggling trying to find an
answer. I've eliminated anything in the startups that might be causing
issues and it keeps coming back. lately it's been having issues where it
just locks up and you have to do a restart.

Most of the abends in the past have been gwinter abends so I've loaded that
into protected memory.

I guess I'm looking for ways to troubleshoot this more than anything. I've
gone in and looked around when the utilization is high, but I haven't found
a way to permanently get rid of the problem. It's starting to get a
rather high profile.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.