I am rebuilding my test network. The network did work without issues
before we moved.

After we moved, the test network novell servers crash right after boot
up. The only way I can start the servers is to unplug the servers from
network before re-booting them. I then plug in the ethernet cables after
I have a server prompt and everything is fine.

The details:
The abend I get seems to start around the time TCPIP is loaded. Once TCPIP
loads I can no longer get the ALT key to work, so I can not switch screens.
The server says "a work to do" took too long. The abend log says the
server had a problem with SLPTCP.

The servers are Netware 6.5. sp2. (yes old but I am getting them ready

What changed since the servers worked-
In my old test environment, I was standalone I thought I was just
connected to a switch. In my new location, the test servers are on a
switch that is connected to a Cisco big catalyst. The IP addresses are the

P Jannusch