I am running NW 6 SP5 eDir (we are in the process of upgrading..)
Over the weekend I applied the latest patches for TCP, LIBC, WINSOCK, TSA,
NSS and NCP. When I booted the server GAMS.NLM failed to load. When I
started Backup Exec on the server I received the following error:
NMAS will not load error GAMS.NLM could not initialize NCP handling (-1).
I backed out the NCP patch, and GAMS.NLM loaded, however, Backup Exec
would not load.
I re-applied the NCP patch and started the server up in loadstages. This
worked, GAMS.NLM loaded successfully, and I was able to load Backup Exec.
It appears that GAMS.NLM is trying to load before eDir is fully
Does anyone know of a way to correct this?
Thank You.
PS. I have done the same patches for several other servers we have with no