I'm on OEM system manufacturer installing Netware on servers for
customers. Lately, I've been seeing a problem when trying to boot
Netware 6.5 SP5 directly from AUTOEXEC.BAT. The server starts to boot,
but immediately after FATFS.NLM starts to load, it seems to lose access
to the C:\NWSERVER directory. After FATFS.NLM loads I get several
messages which indicate C:\NWSERVER\SERVER.EXE cannot be found and UNABLE

Interestingly enough, if I type DOWN at the prompy (:) after the error
messages and then type SERVER, the systems come up just fine. I can
repeat this on any of our current shipping (or NOT shipping at the moment

It appears that something left over from the boot process and FATFS.NLM
are not getting along. If I let the machine settle out to a DOS prompt
and then type SERVER it loads fine. In fact, I can let the machine
settle out to DOS and even run AUTOEXEC.BAT and the server will boot.

I've tried upping my FILES=50 in CONFIG.SYS but this makes no difference.

FYI - These systems have ASUS P5WDG2-WS Pro Motherboards (BIOS 0408) with
Core 2 Duo CPU's. The O/S is booting from an Adaptec 2080SA RAID set and
there is an LSI 22320-R SCSI card providing support for large external
Data Arrays.

I'm in the process of downloading SP6 to see if that helps (appears we
have a new FATFS.NLM).

Anyone have any ideas?