Upgraded our Pervasive from SQL2000 (7.94) sp4 to Pervasive 9 sp2
Noticed immediately after restarting the server the NWMKDE nlm was
eating up a ton of memory. Made an adjustment in the bti.cfg file and
reset the server.
Memory stats looked better, though it was still using a little more
than the previous version.

Over a period of 3-4 days, the amount of memory being allocated to the
NWMKDE.NLM was growing, LS cache free # was shrinking. Over the
weekend, the server experienced critical errors "Server logical address
space is running low. Increase available logical space by setting file
cache maximum size to 1619001344". Shortly thereafter the server

I am running the memory analyzer, and the current setting for file
cache maximum size at bootup (in the startup.ncf) is 1725532160, higher
than the error message is requesting.

I've tried to attach abend.log, but forum keeps saying message too long
character-wise (this is my fist post, so there's something I don't know
how td do here??). The server was reset this morning, and after about
5 hours uptime, the NWMKDE.NLM has already increased in size to
245,528,863 (234.2MB). The NLM space went from 581,344,768 to
862,907,392. All other NLM numbers are remaining fairly
constant/normal. The amount of NLM memory was about 12.6% at startup,
and is now 19.3%. The user space is the same as at reboot,
750,780,416. The server is running NW6.5 sp5, 4GB of RAM.

Any ideas how to fix? I've browsed the Pervasive site, not much help!
Our version 7.94 was pretty stable and didn't give us the problems this
one is.



First part of abend.log:
************************************************** ******
Novell Open Enterprise Server, NetWare 6.5
PVER: 6.50.05

Server INTLTECH halted Monday, November 13, 2006 5:02:25.513 am
Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.70.05: Page Fault Processor Exception (Error
code 00000002)

CS = 0060 DS = 007B ES = 007B FS = 007B GS = 007B SS = 0068
EAX = 00000005 EBX = 00000000 ECX = 95DC6500 EDX = 8AA92C70
ESI = 05D8EB70 EDI = 00000100 EBP = 03ED6200 ESP = 8AA92B74
EIP = 826D097F FLAGS = 00010206
826D097F 896F08 MOV [EDI+08]=?, EBP
EIP in NWMKDE.NLM at code start +0009197Fh
Access Location: 0x00000108

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
826D097F 896F08 MOV [EDI+08], EBP
826D0982 EB06 JMP 826D098A
826D0984 8B6E08 MOV EBP, [ESI+08]
826D0987 89690C MOV [ECX+0C], EBP
826D098A 8B7E08 MOV EDI, [ESI+08]
826D098F 740F JZ 826D09A0
826D0991 8B6E04 MOV EBP, [ESI+04]
826D0994 896F04 MOV [EDI+04], EBP
826D0997 EB0D JMP 826D09A6

Running process: BtrvAPI Worker 0 Process
Thread Owned by NLM: BTRIEVE.NLM
Stack pointer: 8AA93E4C
OS Stack limit: 8AA8BF20
Scheduling priority: 67371008
Wait state: 3030070 Yielded CPU
Stack: --8AA92BAC ?
--00000005 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+5)
--95DC6500 ?
--8243E000 ?
826CD4BE ?
--8AA92C70 ?
--00000005 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+5)
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--00000B3B (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+B3B)
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--8AA92C70 ?
--00000005 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+5)