Server is netware 6 sp5 with all the latest firmware and software
updates. I came in this morning and it was frozen up so I powered it off
and rebooted. It did not come back up with sys, although I could mount
my other two volumes -- but no one could get to them. I then did a
nss /poolrebuild on sys and it came up fine, but then the other two
volumes did not appear. So then I have tried another nss /poolrebuild on
vol1. It gets to Overall progres 0.97472% and stops. I reboot twice and
the second time go in and do a server -NA to make sure nothing else is
causing problems. Once again I get to 0.97472% and it stops. The monitor
screen shows utilization at 100%. I go to the logger screen and it
shows "validatenode found problems in znode". The server is compaq
proliant ml330 g2 with raid 5 running.

1. How long should I wait (it has been a couple of hours now) for the
poolrebuild to finish or is it already hosed?
2. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
3. I have already learned from two servers this year that backups are
definitely not the way to go for major server crashes. Unfortunately
this server is the top of our tree (I moved the master partition stuff
off to another server now) and it houses both our school system groupwise
server as well as all of our administration office programs. SO I am not
looking forward to backup tapes.

Thanks, David