I am getting the following error when booting:

Error: Could not initialize nwtermio terminfo database

This occurs when the system is mounting the sys volume. I did a search on
the knowledge base and it came back with the fact that the SYS:USR folder
was renamed or deleted. This may or may not be true. So I need to copy a
file from a working server over to this folder. The problem is when I
boot the server in maintenance mode it seems to stop loading in stage 1
right after connmgr.nlm is loaded. I understand that I can use tbx.nlm or
a 3rd party utility to copy this file to my sys volume but for some reason
this lockup is stopping me. If I do a 'server -ns -na' I able to get to
the console and run startup.ncf and all is well. One of the utilities
says I need to get to stage2 in order to use it. Any ideas how I can copy
the file to my sys file right after startup.ncf is loaded?