Perhaps this isn't the appropriate forum, mods please move it if needed.

Ok, bear with me. I'm new in a job and fresh out of a 2-year degree, and am
about 6 inches below the surface (definitely in over my head).

The Novel 6.5 server we have runs Groupwise, and I think that's it. It's
pretty much the last remnant of Novell on a newly-designed Microsoft network.

Anyways, twice in the past 3 weeks, we've had a problem with the Groupwise
POA service stopping on us. Loading the POA fixes groupwise, but a little
investigation has led to a message generated a few minutes prior to our
groupwise problem. The message mentions cache memory allocation (or
something along those lines. I'm unable to check for sure) being
insufficient (probalby not the exact term used).

After both incidents, we downed the server and rebooted. I've been told
this is a new development since I started here 3 weeks ago, and fear that
I'm looking suspect (but I haven't done anything to the server at all, so
it's not my fault).

Now I don't know the hardware specs of the server, but I have been told
that RAM was added to it, with no apparent effect.

With this very limited evidence, and my admited ignorance, can someone help
me? It'd be great if we needn't incur service charges to resolve this issue!