For some unknown (as yet) reason, every so often (sometimes up to 6 times a
day) our Netware 6.5 OES edition restarts. I have only ever seen the error
messages twice. The server does not save an abend log usually (9 out of 10
times). The error message is:

ERROR: Critical sectioning prevents FATFS operation.

It is repeated between 2 and 8 times.

The server then reboots and spends approx 20 mins reloading the volumes.

Nobody would know if it were not for the uptime monitor.

Often, the server will beep several times before rebooting.

The server is a 5 year old HP Proliant server. I can't recall the model
number off hand.

A new server is in the process of being brought online (A new Proliant
ML370 Gen5) in effort to solve the problem.

Any ideas on a fix?