Hello all,

I have this problem with Zen/apache/java. It seems that there is a problem as I get this error. And yes, NW OES 6.5 sp6.

java: Page fault processor exception occurred while executing class org.apache.cataline.startup.Bootstrap

State of Registers at Processor Exception:
EIP=90D9CA7V, EFLAGS=10296, EAX=0, ECX=CA908488, EDX=AA4,
EBX=B82C4D38, ESP=B82C4D00, EBP=B82CD00, ESI=B82C4D48, EDI=CA908488.

The exception occurred while executing code in: JVM.NLM (90b96000)
The exception occurred while running thread: Java_706 TP-Proce (60C334E0)

java: Class org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap exited with status -5

I get these error messages on the logger screen once a day. Not sure why.