Good Morning all,
Over the past weekend I had to remove a version of Symantec Antivirus
off of my Novell Netware servers because they were not communicating
well with the Primary server or it's clients. I uninstalled the
software, rebooted my servers then installed Symantec Antivirus 10.1 to
the servers. The installation went well and communication seems to be
great but here is my problem with the installation of the software my
server abends. It seems to been some type of conflict with HP NDPS
Gateway v2.10a. Each time after the install to my Netware servers
anywhere from a few hours later or even the next day the server will
abend. The following is the description of the error Fatal Exception
(Number 14, Cause Abend:Page Fault Running Process: HPG_SRV_PRC_0013
Code exectuing in module HPGate.nlm v2.10a at offsert +1660Fh. I did
contact Symantec and they explained that they no longer support HPGate.
Not sure if anyone else may have experienced this problem but I would
like some insite if anyone has.