jim@sd60.k12.id.us wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> I have tried all the antivirus software solutions out there on the
> market and all of them have abended my test server. I have tried the
> folling: Kaspersky, McAffe NetShield, CA ETrust, and a few others I
> cannot remember.
> Has anyone else run into this problem and solved it?? Or know how to
> solve it. We are looking for a new antivirus solution for not only
> our servers but also our workstations as well and would like to have
> it for both novell and the workstations to keep them clean. HELP!! We
> have been good so far with no antivirus except sporatic installations
> in kep locations on our network.
> Any ideas, hints, suggestions, fixes on getting one of the above
> mentioned antivirus solutions to work on our servers would be great.

There must be something wrong on the server somewhere. I've been
running etrust for quite a while now, without problems, here at work we
use Symantec (also without issues), at my previous job we used McAfee
(which had some problems).

But with the provided info in version, SP's, Abends it's impossible to
give a fullfilling answer.