I have a poweredge 2650 2.4Ghz netware 6.5 sp 5 server with 1G of memory. The server's purpose is to store about 1 million 85KB pdf files across 26 folders. Most of the files are never accessed (long term cache hits are at 0). The volume does not have compression. I have 128GB volume, 100G used, which will remain pretty constant.

Problem: After time goes by, the server completely slows down to a state of un-usability but never abends. Only a restart clears the slowness. Then gradually, it does the same thing, like about every 30-40 days.

It happened yesterday morning. Today I looked in Norm at the statistics to see if anything stood out. Not sure if this is applicable and expected, but utilized memory hiccupped from a stable average of 175MB to 240MB and processor utilization flatlined at 100%. I wasn't able to look at the modules using memory when the server was acting up.

What else can I look at to determine the problem? And what can I do going forward? Should I add memory? I want to improve performance and stop the cycle of having to reboot.


STacie White