Just a few minutes ago my Netware 6.0SP5 server Abram shut itself down if
Station 0 is the server. And I thought it was. No info in the abend log
and this in the sys$log.err file:
12-20-2006 10:25:27 am: SHUTDOWN-1.0-0
Severity = 4
Down file server was requested by user ABRAM on station 0.

I always have Monitor up and running and it was idling along at 2%
Utilization as usual. It is mainly a file server, but has iPrint, SLP
DA, McAfees Netshield 4.63a, BackupExec 9.1 running too.
eDir is

This servers last abend was May of this year from Mcafee and I upgraded
that to Netshield 4.63a. It normally stays up 50 days and then I reboot
it to clear open files in MAS90. It was rebooted on December 10th.