I have just purchased new hardware and the Open Enterprise Server to migrate
my old NW 6.0 server to. Doing some testing I find that whenever I try and
copy a large file to a volume on the system it ABENDS. From what I can tell
it seems to be pointing to LIBNSS.NLM. I will post the log below. Any help
would be appreciated.

Novell Open Enterprise Server, NetWare 6.5
PVER: 6.50.06

Server halted Wednesday, December 20, 2006 12:18:04.874 pm
Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.70.06: Page Fault Processor Exception (Error code

CS = 0008 DS = 0010 ES = 0010 FS = 0010 GS = 0010 SS = 0010
EAX = FFFFFFF0 EBX = 332D5000 ECX = 3FFE881E EDX = 332D5088
ESI = 33332FF8 EDI = 33333000 EBP = 8A24E02C ESP = 8A24E024
EIP = 8A28C02E FLAGS = 00010216
EIP in LIBNSS.NLM at code start +0000302Eh
Access Location: 0x33333000

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
8A28C030 89C1 MOV ECX, EAX
8A28C032 83E103 AND ECX, 00000003
8A28C035 7402 JZ 8A28C039
8A28C039 89D0 MOV EAX, EDX
8A28C03B 8D65F8 LEA ESP, [EBP-08]
8A28C040 5D POP EBP

Running process: Console Command Process
Thread Owned by NLM: SERVER.NLM
Stack pointer: 8A24DF28
OS Stack limit: 8A248020
Scheduling priority: 67371008
Wait state: 5050090 Wait for interrupt
Stack: --332D5058 ?
--30FDE718 ?
--8A24E07C ?
8A7B27D0 (ZLSS.NSS|redoFXinsert+230)
--332D5088 ?
--332D5080 ?
--8A9DF0E0 ?
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--FFF83080 ?
--0007CF80 ?
--00000001 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+1)
--8A240002 ?
--332D5028 ?
--00000060 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+60)
--332D5080 ?
--00000058 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+58)
--8EED4574 ?
--30FDE708 ?
--8A17D880 ?
--8A9DF0E0 ?
--8A24EB9C ?
--8A24E0F0 ?
8A791AD1 (ZLSS.NSS|XactionRecoverLogicalUndoPass1To6+271)
--8A24EB9C ?
--8A9DF0E0 ?
--30FDE6F0 ?
--00000001 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+1)
--30FDE6F0 ?
--8EED8594 ?
--8A17D880 ?
--0000106E (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+106E)
--400F1168 ?
--00000002 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+2)
--0000106C (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+106C)
--000010D5 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+10D5)
--00000008 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+8)
--00000004 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+4)
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--8A8059C0 ?
--00000004 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+4)
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--8A80DFC0 ?
--0000000C (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+C)
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--00000005 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+5)
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--00000005 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+5)
--8A3A6B9E (MAL.NSS|__U8M+4AA4)
--8A17D880 ?
--8A24E110 ?
8A7B8293 (ZLSS.NSS|ZLOG_RecoveryPhase+5F3)
--8A24EB9C ?
--8A9DF0E0 ?
--00000002 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+2)
--8A17D880 ?
--8A24EB9C ?
--8A9DF0E0 ?
--8A24E348 ?
8A79EF24 (ZLSS.NSS|ZFSPOOL_Activate+C4)
--8A24EB9C ?
--8A17D880 ?
--00000002 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+2)
-00590053 ?
-005F0053 ?
-00560049 (SERVER.NLM|NeedsBreakpointFlag+1A49)
--0000005F (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+5F)
--8A24E388 ?
8A8939D1 (COMN.NSS|NAME_FindNameInDirSpecialRules+61)
--8A24E7B0 ?
--8A9DE540 ?
--8A24E150 ?
8A82FE0C (COMN.NSS|COMN_ReleaseInternal+C)
--8A9DE540 ?
--8A24E1E4 ?
8A81EC74 (COMN.NSS|ZAS_GetEffectiveACL+C4)
--8A9DE540 ?
--5567770D ?
--00000282 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+282)
--00010001 ?
--00000282 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+282)
--00000202 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+202)
00227CE0 (SERVER.NLM|CVSemaphore+28)
-0041418D (SERVER.NLM|(Data Start)+5D6D)
-0050C910 (SERVER.NLM|OSAS+0)
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
002A6C1E (SERVER.NLM|FindPublicRecord+3CE)
8A824FA8 (COMN.NSS|VAUTH_GetEffectiveACL+1A8)
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--8EED8C1C ?
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--0000001A (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+1A)
-0044633C (SERVER.NLM|xAllocSizeTable+0)
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--8A24E190 ?
--00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
-0050C910 (SERVER.NLM|OSAS+0)

Additional Information:
The CPU encountered a problem executing code in LIBNSS.NLM. The problem
may be in that module or in data passed to that module by a process owned by

Loaded Modules:
MALHLP.NLM NSS Configure help messages (Build 432 MP)
Version 3.25 September 5, 2006
Code Address: 8A551000h Length: 000000BAh
Data Address: 8A552000h Length: 0000002Ah
CDDVD.NSS NSS Loadable Storage System (LSS) for CD/UDF (Build 305
Version 3.25 October 6, 2006
Code Address: 8AB06000h Length: 00013610h
Data Address: 8A3AD000h Length: 00001050h
NSSIDK.NSS NSS Pool Configuration Manager (Build 479 MP)
Version 3.25 October 6, 2006
Code Address: 8A3B3000h Length: 00003955h
Data Address: 8A54A000h Length: 00000090h
PARTAPI.NLM Partition APIs for NetWare 6.1
Version 2.00 April 17, 2002
Code Address: 8A549000h Length: 00000007h
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
VOLMN.NSS NSS Distributed Volume Manager (Build 438 MP)
Version 3.25 October 6, 2006
Code Address: 8AAE0000h Length: 0000A123h
Data Address: 8A548000h Length: 000005B0h
NWSA.NSS NSS NetWare Semantic Agent (NWSA) (Build 1382 MP)
Version 3.25 October 6, 2006
Code Address: 80273000h Length: 0004A9CEh
Data Address: 8AA2E000h Length: 000A1390h
ZLSS.NSS NSS Journaled Storage System (ZLSS) (Build 1909 MP)
Version 3.25 October 6, 2006
Code Address: 8A726000h Length: 000CBB66h
Data Address: 8AA22000h Length: 0000BE30h
MAL.NSS NSS Media Access Layer (MAL) (Build 632 MP)
Version 3.25 September 5, 2006
Code Address: 8A39F000h Length: 00003116h
Data Address: 8A545000h Length: 00000170h
MANAGE.NSS NSS Management Functions (Build 709 MP)
Version 3.25 October 19, 2006
Code Address: 8A6D8000h Length: 0004DF55h
Data Address: 8A543000h Length: 00000C20h
COMN.NSS NSS Common Support Layer (COMN) (Build 2972 MP)
Version 3.25 October 6, 2006
Code Address: 8A813000h Length: 000E92B8h
Data Address: 8A8FD000h Length: 00015DD0h
NSS.NLM NSS (Novell Storage Services) (Build 1046 MP)
Version 3.25 October 6, 2006
Code Address: 8A599000h Length: 0002DE10h
Data Address: 8A2FA000h Length: 000915B0h
SYSLOG.NLM NetWare Logfile Daemon
Version 6.05.03 September 27, 2006
Code Address: 8A282000h Length: 0000600Ah
Data Address: 8A572000h Length: 0002613Ch
LIBNSS.NLM Generic Library used by NSS (Build 200 MP)
Version 3.25 September 5, 2006
Code Address: 8A289000h Length: 0000432Ch
Data Address: 8A542000h Length: 000003D0h
NSSWIN.NLM NSS ASCI Window API Library (Build 213 MP)
Version 3.25 September 5, 2006
Code Address: 8A27D000h Length: 000047DCh
Data Address: 8A540000h Length: 000000FCh
LOCNLM32.NLM NetWare NWLocale Runtime Library
Version 6.00.04 November 29, 2005
Code Address: 8A26D000h Length: 000044BBh
Data Address: 8A46B000h Length: 00000B30h
UNICODE.NLM NetWare Unicode Runtime Library (UniLib-based) [optimized]
Version 7.00 October 26, 2004
Code Address: 89674000h Length: 000016F5h
Data Address: 8A46A000h Length: 00000504h
FILESYS.NLM NetWare File System NLM
Version 5.14 September 21, 2006
Code Address: 8A3B7000h Length: 0008E4E7h
Data Address: 8A446000h Length: 00012C90h
LFS.NLM NetWare Logical File System NLM
Version 5.12 September 21, 2005
Code Address: 8A2D3000h Length: 000098A2h
Data Address: 8A2DD000h Length: 000084BCh
CONNMGR.NLM NetWare Connection Manager NLM
Version 5.60.01 September 7, 2006
Code Address: 8A29D000h Length: 0001172Bh
Data Address: 8A25A000h Length: 00003CE8h
ACPIPWR.NLM ACPI Power Management Driver for ACPI compliant systems
Version 1.05.14 August 18, 2006
Code Address: 8A27B000h Length: 00000E45h
Data Address: 8A27C000h Length: 0000094Ch
ACPICMGR.NLM ACPI Component Manager for ACPI compliant systems
Version 1.05.14 August 18, 2006
Code Address: 8A258000h Length: 00000AFFh
Data Address: 8A259000h Length: 00000344h
IDEATA.HAM Novell IDE/ATA/ATAPI/SATA Host Adapter Module
Version 4.28 June 6, 2006
Code Address: 8A1A0000h Length: 00010701h
Data Address: 008B8000h Length: 00005710h
IDEHD.CDM Novell ATA/IDE Fixed Disk Drive Custom Device Module
Version 4.18 June 6, 2006
Code Address: 8A19C000h Length: 00003564h
Data Address: 00912000h Length: 00001060h
IDECD.CDM Novell ATA/IDE CD/DVD Custom Device Module
Version 4.09 January 30, 2006
Code Address: 8A135000h Length: 00004024h
Data Address: 00FFC000h Length: 00000F74h
ACPIDRV.PSM ACPI Platform Support Module for ACPI compliant systems
Version 1.05.17 August 18, 2006
Code Address: 8A0BB000h Length: 0000ADCEh
Data Address: 00A23000h Length: 0000C694h
ACPICA.NLM ACPI Component Architecture for ACPI compliant systems
Version 1.05.14 August 18, 2006
Code Address: 89FF6000h Length: 00030C26h
Data Address: 8A027000h Length: 0001286Bh
ACPIASL.NLM ACPI Architecture Services Layer for ACPI compliant systems
Version 1.05.14 August 18, 2006
Code Address: 89F9F000h Length: 00000F9Bh
Data Address: 89FA0000h Length: 000001DCh
EHCIDRV.CAD Novell Universal Serial Bus EHCI driver
Version 1.05 September 12, 2005
Code Address: 89FBA000h Length: 00004C11h
Data Address: 00A47000h Length: 00000B18h
OHCIDRV.CAD Novell Universal Serial Bus OHCI driver
Version 1.07 September 12, 2005
Code Address: 89FAD000h Length: 00005DC2h
Data Address: 00A48000h Length: 00001264h
CIOS.NLM Consolidated IO System
Version 1.60 February 7, 2006
Code Address: 8032F000h Length: 0004254Bh
Data Address: 31961000h Length: 00008B4Ah
LSL.NLM Novell NetWare Link Support Layer
Version 4.86 February 2, 2006
Code Address: 896ED000h Length: 0000A7A7h
Data Address: 896F8000h Length: 00009EC8h
NWPALOAD.NLM NetWare 5 NWPA Load Utility
Version 3.00 July 10, 2000
Code Address: 896C7000h Length: 00000007h
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
NWPA.NLM NetWare 6.5 NetWare Peripheral Architecture NLM
Version 3.21 September 26, 2006
Code Address: 89696000h Length: 000169F6h
Data Address: 896AD000h Length: 000029E0h
MM.NLM NetWare 6.5 Media Manager
Version 3.22.02 October 6, 2006
Code Address: 802D9000h Length: 0004B9D4h
Data Address: 89668000h Length: 0000B73Ch
SGUID.NLM NetWare GUID Services
Version 6.01 September 27, 2002
Code Address: 895FF000h Length: 00000E04h
Data Address: 89600000h Length: 0000018Ah
NBI.NLM NetWare Bus Interface
Version 3.00.13 July 25, 2006
Code Address: 8965A000h Length: 0000D4BDh
Data Address: 895FB000h Length: 00003D6Dh
NEB.NLM Novell Event Bus
Version 5.60 September 27, 2004
Code Address: 895DE000h Length: 00005843h
Data Address: 892BF000h Length: 0000097Ch
DIAG500.NLM Diagnostic/coredump utility for NetWare 5.x/6.x
Version 3.02 September 5, 2006
Code Address: 895D1000h Length: 00006F10h
Data Address: 89608000h Length: 0001D740h
CPUCHECK.NLM NetWare Processor Checking Utility
Version 5.60.01 July 7, 2006
Code Address: 8026B000h Length: 00001B17h
Data Address: 895D9000h Length: 00004B3Ch
NWKCFG.NLM NetWare Kernel Config NLM
Version 2.16 June 24, 2005
Code Address: 8937C000h Length: 00003F4Fh
Data Address: 89380000h Length: 00003CA4h
CDBE.NLM NetWare Configuration DB Engine
Version 6.01 September 21, 2006
Code Address: 89389000h Length: 000116E6h
Data Address: 8939B000h Length: 000161FAh
TBX.NLM Low-level Command-line Utility
Version 1.02 October 11, 2005
Code Address: 8934C000h Length: 000075A9h
Data Address: 89354000h Length: 00003BA0h
FATFS.NLM FAT Filesystem Module for NetWare
Version 1.24 May 2, 2006
Code Address: 80974000h Length: 0002047Ch
Data Address: 80995000h Length: 0002B277h
LIBC.NLM Standard C Runtime Library for NLMs [optimized, 7]
Version 9.00.04 October 4, 2006
Code Address: 80800000h Length: 000D0736h
Data Address: 803AB000h Length: 00041630h
PVER500.NLM NetWare 6.XX Version Library
Version 3.00 February 25, 2003
Code Address: 80256000h Length: 0000068Fh
Data Address: 80257000h Length: 00000360h
XLDR.NLM Novell International Cryptographic Infrastructure Loader
Version 27010.01 November 9, 2004
Code Address: 80240000h Length: 0000EE19h
Data Address: 8024F000h Length: 00005283h
SERVER.NLM NetWare Server Operating System
Version 5.70.06 October 26, 2006
Code Address: 0020E420h Length: 00166DEAh
Data Address: 0040E420h Length: 001F9BE0h