Hello all,
Have update a HP Proliant ML350 G4 from Nw6.5 sp3 to NW6.5 sp6 with no luck.
During boot it start Activating Pool sys (=ok),
loading Volume SYS,
Activating Volume SYS,
**Volume layout v36.03
** Volume Creation layout v36.01
** Processing volume purge log
** ..........
Then I got "Replaying Transaction Log File
The running process will be suspended.......
and the server reboots.

I have started with a NSSstart.CFG with /poolAutoDeactivate=all and
run a NSS /poolrebuild /purge with no luck.

Any Idee?
One extra problem for me is that the server is in Barcelona and I'm in Sweden
Thanks in advanced
/Per Ohlsson
FlexLink AB