every time I restart my NW6.5 SP5 server there is something different. After
the last restart, the server runs for about 100 days, until an Abend of
Apache need me to restart it. The fragmented memory was stable at about 10%.
The Available logical space was about 1000 MB. The only "problem" was the
named.nlm which eats a lot of momory, so I have to take it manually down and
restart it once a day. No big deal.

Now, after a restart everything is different. Fragmented memory is about
15,9 % after only 7 days of running. The named issue is nearly gone, I have
to restart it only all three days. The available logical space is about 880
MB and it's increasing daily.

Is there a built in error random generator in 6.5? What can that be?
Thanks for any suggestions.


I'm a liitle bit afraid of restarting the server the next time. Maybe the
it'll transform itself to a Windows machine ;)