A NW65 sp3 server with previously mirrored SATA drives. The mirror broke
but the server was allowed to run while waiting for the right time to make
repairs/changes. Preparing for the work, we simply restarted the server and
'oh my gosh' all the files between the mirror outage and now... 'vanished.'
We have tape until yesterday, but todays files are important too and so
these are the ones we are most desperate about. So far, I think we've
determined the SYS on D1 had aligned itself with WORK on D2, and the other
way around, SYS on D2 had aligned with WORK on D1. Obvious why the mirror
broke. That aside, as we look... on D1 we find multiple SYS(es) of
different names, plus a WORK (with date-of-mirror data.) On the other
drive we have two SYS(es) [diff names] of which one, is the size of what
WORK was - but this larger 'SYS' contains nothing? On D2, WORK itself
appears missing. Portlock allowed us to confirm our findings. Any ideas
about where the newest data could have gone? I can't believe this data has
really just vanished or that it got overwritten but it sure looks that way.
One other thing: Neither drive will come up alone. They now absolutely
need each other and switching the cables around makes no difference whatsoever.