As I was working along I got a bunch of messages all of the sudden: error
writing to FAT table and SYS. This kept repeating so I had to manually
power the server down as it was locked. When I went to restart it it
would get to the point where it says press EST to abort OS boot. If I
did that it would say it could not find and that was it. If
I let it go it said can not find c:\nwserver\server.exe known NLM's were
not bound. I did get it to boot using the netware 6 OS disk. In looking
through my log files however I can't find anything: system error log
file, server abend log file and server health log file don't show this
error. I tried to run VREPAIR but it said I had to unmount the volumes
which I did not do as we need it back up. File system appears intact
with no lost data. A couple of questions:

1. why would it not boot up unless I used the disk.
2. where can I find the data I truly need for this error seeing as the
above log files have nothing.
3. Do I just wait until after hours and unmount my volumes and run