Hello there!

Netware 6 SP5
GroupWise 6.5 sp7
ARCserve 9.02

On the 17th of December I received a strange Abend on Eagle our
primary Novell server. It happened at 2:45 AM and the screen said
"Server has suffered multiple Abends and will restart" There was a
second message below that and above a memory dump "Kernel detected an
attempted context switch in Server.nlm" . Our system is a single
processor system. The Server was completely locked up and so I
powered it off and powered it on. The system came up clean with no
additional errors. Our nightly backup started immediately after the
reboot and completed with out problem. The backup job usually runs
from 1:15 am to 3:00 am.

When I went to the ABEND log however there was nothing there. No new
Abends had been added to the log since November 18th the last time we
had a problem ( a bad email in the GWIA outbound Queue).

We have not had a recurrence of the problem since the 17th. Everything
is running fine. However we are deeply disturbed by the lack of
information on the Abend log. Is there some setting or patch that
will make the Abend log more reliable? This is the second time I've
had a Abend with nothing in the log but the first time as almost 2
years ago. I'd also like to know if you have any ideas about the
original problem .


Dan Larson