Don't think this is a GroupWise problem, but this started after I made a
major change to GroupWise, so here goes.

My data volume ran completely out of space. Didn't even have enough room
to delete anything. So I installed a fiber HBA card, and connected the
server to our HP SAN. Configured storage and copied the entire post office
onto the new drive with plenty of space now. Altered the startup files,
dismounted the old volume just to be safe, and brought up the POA. Every
thing is working fine now, except the logger screen on the server is
constatly scrolling some information that does not make any sense.

A0=222.15.6181830.63:<0,0> {2,0,2} 0
A0=222.15.6185339.63:<0,0> {2,0,2} 1
A0=222.15.6185341.63:<0,0> {2,0,2} 0
A0=222.15.6185360.63:<0,0> {2,0,2} 2

Looks like random stuff, but I am not sure what to make of it. Is it
groupwise related, or something else?

Update: I asked this in the GroupWise Forum first, and they told me that
it was not GroupWise related, and sent me here.