Sorry I originally posted this in admin-tools but that forum seems to
be having problems and never posted my topic or any topic sense the

A user went to update his password and kept receiving an invalid
password error.
Upon investigating this I discovered our security domain was not
I loaded sdidiag> sd and received
***Error synchronizing security domain. (error = -601)
***The security domain is not synchronized because of errors.
error -601

I ran sdidiag> ls
error -601

ran sdidiag> ck -a -v
SDIDIAG> ck -a -v > sys:\serverch.txt
*** [Key Consistency Check - BEGIN] ***
[Checking SDI Domain]
SDI Check Domain Configuration...
SDI Domain
- Could not be read. (error = -601)

SDI Domain Configuration Has Problems.
- There was an error accessing the SDI Domain

This must be resolved before CHECK may
be executed.

- Use SDIDIAG commands "LS" to list current servers,
"AS" to add a server, and "RS" to remove
a server. Example:


adds "server1" in tree "novell_tree"
as an SDI Domain Key Server.

[Checking SDI Domain: PROBLEMS]


*** [Key Consistency Check - END] ***

I don't know if its related but we
recently applied SP6 to our 2 nw 6.5 servers.

Do I need to recreate WO container?