Had my shiny new NW6.5sp6 server abend three times last week (w/o
rebooting -- It's a test server atm, so I didn't notice). The main
problem was an NLM was blocked on a semaphore. A quick googling
indicates this to be tied to a process hogging the/a cpu. Correct?

A known problem is the latest Symantec Anti-Virus, when it runs its
weekly scan, gets caught up in a loop on a directory in SYS, asnd sits
there, forever looping and scanning. Amusingly enoughm by the time I
got in this morning and realized it was a rather dead server (What with
three abends and all), the virus scanner was still scanning, and had
surprassed ~190 million scanned files, on a volume with a grand total
of ~70k files.

I've already nagged Symantec once about this -- it's a known issue.
But no patch exists yet that seems to fix it. I'm likely going to
downgrade again (btw, the affected version is, iirc) back
to whatever I had prior, but I wanted to get clarification that the
primary cause is a runaway process hogging the CPU as the cause of the