So like everyone else I've been experiencing the "spinlock" abend issue with
SP6 for NW 65. Currently it's only been effecting one server.
Unfortunately that server is our ZfD/App box, which isn't a good thing.
Another sort of positive thing is that it seems to be just fine during the
day with hundreds of teachers/students hitting it. But at night when the
ARCServe backup box connects to it... abend.

I have applied the latest (1/12/2006) Winsock patch, and it seemed to
improve things, but I still am getting abends. Last night it abended around
11:30PM when it is probably being backed up. However, it didn't write
anything to the abend log. The server appears to have simply restarted.

I guess the purpose of this thread is to hopefully get some feedback on what
may have worked for other people and/or to let Novell know that I don't
think their latest Winsock patch is working completely. Thanks for your
time. I'm going back to my corner to continue pulling my hair out.

Walter Keener
Network Administrator
Allendale Public Schools
Allendale, MI, USA