It would not een let me uninstall this wretched service pack even though I
chose backup.

I am NOT willing to pay Novell $650 more to alpha test their software!!!!

Is there anything I can do? Can I manually copy the service pack files

I even tried setting auto restart to 3 hoping it would just reboot. It
just hangs hard.

Most of the abends happen on apache worker threads. So I have manually
spent the day unloading and reloading apache. It made it 8 hours until I
went home. That was the longest run of the week.

I AM SO FRUSTRATED!!!!! I am about to recommend Microsoft! This server is
the certificate server, the main LDAP server, the main webserver and
master of all NDS partitions in the tree. It would take hours to reinstall
and set up everything.

Be sure if I ever get things right, I will NEVER install another Novell
upgrade or service pack, no matter what.