Since my last post didn't go thru I'll quickly summarize:

1. Nw 6.5 sp5 abend problem in GW 7.0.1
2. applied sp6, nwlib6j, wsock6k, cifs325a, iprntnw65sp6c
3. rebooted and server had new abend in libc when httpstk or apache was loaded
4. didn't load nile.nlm and server runs fine except NRM doesn't function and apache doesn't load.
5. after several hours of runing server abend in nwftpd with spinlock
6. currently back rev'd ws2_32, wspip, & wspssl
7. waiting and seeing what happens

Since the spinlock is a known issue is there and open case that we can send core dumps to or do We have to pay the $650 to open a case.

Thank you,

Mark Lime