I think I found the answer to the network connectivity problem. There'a
patch available for NW65SP5 and earlier (ethertsm_msm.exe). In this
patch our 'stop communicating' is mentioned. The server type is not a HP
DL, but a HP BL20p machine. I tested the NLM's on a test-server, no
problem so far. I'll give a shot on the production server also.

Johan Brinkman

on 7-2-2007 8:44 J. Brinkman said the following:
> Hello,
> This morning one of our (NDPS Print) server was still running, but we
> were unable to connect to the server: no NRM pssible, no ping response
> and unable to unlock screensaver. Just restarted the machine. During
> restart we got an AbEnd. Attahed in a ZIP file the abend.log and the
> config.txt of the server.
> Any ideas?
> Regards,
> Johan Brinkman