I'm have a server that's goes to 100% utilization if I connect
Astaro/NSM to it.

I'll explain the situation:

Netware server 6.5, Pentium Xeon 3 Ghz with 4096 Mb of ram. (Master of
the root)
Astaro 6.303 with dual Xeon Processor 3.4 Ghz with 4096 of ram.

If I enable Single Sign-On on astaro the Netware server goes to 100% and
stays at 100%. Logging in with a server at 100% is very slow. Internet
also is so sluggish.
If I look at busiest threads I see "server xx:xx" a few times. Looking
at LDAP on DStrace isn't giving me enough information. The funny thing
is, If I point to a different Netware server in the same tree, The other
master server also goes to 100%. But the server Astaro connects to isn't
having a high utilization.

I've tried everything, from DSrepair till reinstalling Novell Security
Manager, everytime the same 100% utilization. Everything in Astaro is
entered correctly. So the error must be on Netware or somewhere in the

If someone know's how to solve please post. Driving me crazy.

M. Duran