Hi There!

We have a Server recently upgraded from 1GB to 1.5GB of RAM.
Its running NW65SP5 CPR release, GW7, Backup Exec, GWAVA and
NDPS. Its complaining of only having 175-190MB Free memory
available. Do I click the Tune Logical Space Link? Will this
help at all? Are there any other things I could look at to
improve performance? Its only 25 users at most.

Its a Dual P4 2.8GHZ Proliant ML350

NLM Memory is 766MB Peak 995MB
File System Cache 387MB Peak 546MB
Ext File System Memory 0
Virtual Memory 262MB / 293MB
Available 190MB / 54MB

In Use Kernel Space 1,153,425,40826.8
Free Kernel Space 1,623,015,42437.7
Fragmented Kernel Space 453,173,24810.5
Reserved for User Spaces 799,006,72018.6
Reserved for OS Data 266,346,4966.2
Peak User Space 792,887,29618.4
Total Address Space 4,294,967,296100.0