Hi there,

Netware 6.5 SP5 said yesterday evening, Vol1 get deactivated.

I did poolverify no errors. I tryed to activate vol1, but it was impossible.
Then is did poolrebuild, it ran till 100% get into working mode an then
Server Abend and said i will reboot in 2 minutes.

After reboot.
I set auto restart after fail time to 60 and did again but also poolrebuild
did not finish.

TID (10082143) Said update Ham driver, i did also same errors after 60
minutes reboot and no finish.

Like TID (10096929) our Server says.

**writing maintenens logfile to c:\
autorestart after abend has been selected the server will attempt to go
down in 60 min. this should give userstime to safe out any files they are
using. because server critical data structures may have been corupted, the
server may en counter aditionell problems. **orphanage constructed in
**for internal volume
**orphanage constructed in /45e723f1.fpd
**for volume: vol1

any help wanted !

Thanx in advance regards