I'm relatively new to Netware so I'm not sure how to approach this
problem. I'm really not sure if it's a Sophos problem or a Netware
problem. I looked up the errors on both Novell's site and Sophos' site
to no avail. Suffice to say, Sophos doesn't load and I get these

Sweep: Failed to verify sys:sweep\bloat-a.ide

iface.nlm not loaded

The first message kind of sounds like it would be coming from Sophos,
and I know Sweep is part of Sophos, but I know nothing of Netware
error messages so I'm not sure if "Sweep:" means "this is coming from
SAV". At any rate I don't know what would cause the definition file to
not be verified.

For the second message, it seems to me that loading the module would
be Netware's responsibility. But what would cause it not to load? I
have no clues as to when it began except the last couple of times we
restarted, we got these messages.

Netware 6
Groupwise 6
Sophos Anti-Virus 6.5.3 (I believe)

I know it's not really abending or hanging, so if there's a more
suitable group for this question let me know. Otherwise, any info
about these errors will be very much appreciated.