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I have a Dell 2850 dual CPU Server with 4GB RAM. It has NW 65 spack 5 and
Zen 7. It seems that when Zen 7 is loaded the CPU utilisation creeps up to
50% (98% on CPU 2). When Zen 7 is unloaded the utilisation drops back to 2
%. This usually happens except for the time below where unloading Java
seemed to drop the utilisation....

Any ideas ?


Zen 7 post....
Further to my last comment, I unloaded Java after unloading Zen, and this
brought the utilisation back down to 2%. It seems that only Zen, Dell
Management services are using Java.


> Hi Jared,
> The CPU utilisation creeped back up to 50% overnight. I unloaded Backup
> Exec and Symantec AV but this had no effect so I reloaded them. Also
> unloaded the Sybase database to no avail.
> Lastly, I unloaded Zen, but this time the utilisation did not go back

> ....
> Any more suggestions ? Could this be a hardware fault with one of the