Has anyone seen problems with the HPQCISS.HAM driver included with SP6 on
NetWare OES 6.5?

I've had a brand-new HP Proliant ML350G5 server crash hard twice with
HPQCISS.HAM INIT FAIL being reported on the server console and no further
start up progress.

When this driver fails, the raid controller and it's drives are
unavailable. Only the ADMIN volume mounts.

I have attempted to load the prior version of the driver from CD manually
during the startup.ncf process, as well has back-revving the driver on the
C:\nwserver\drivers folder to the previous verson, but no luck - it still
won't initialize the HP integrated raid controller.

Essentially, a perfectly working server stops working after a restart, and
it cannot be brought up again without reinstalling Novell OES 6.5SP6 from

I've got 17 hours invested in getting things migrated onto this new server,
and now I can't get it to boot.

Is it bad hardware? The on-board raid diagnostic tells me the hardware is
working fine, and it sees the logical drive fine as well, so HP Tech
support told me that it's the operating system's fault. But that doesn't
square with the fact that I ran it for 2 days, rebooting a number of times
without a problem.

The raid controller seems to just stop working on a restart after running
fine for quite a while.

The thought of having to reinstall Novell OES every 5 or ten reboots of the
server makes one seriously consider a career change!

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Mark Landvatter

Network Pro Wisconsin geek - CNE 2,3,4,5,6