I have a new Dell 2950. I had a diffcult time getting the OS to even
install. I had to unplug the server LAN cable from server to keep the
install from hanging. In fact I have two Dell 2950 servers, and they both
hung at the same place when installing netware 6.5 sp6. The hang occured
just as I clicked next after putting in the IP address.

Once I got the new server up, I plugged the lan cable in and re-booted.
The server hangs as it runs Inetsys. The last thing on the console screen

BX2-NW-10794-Adapter 1-Board 1:
Slot 10033 Adapter has link a 1000 Mbs, Full Duplex

After that the key board is locked. Not even the num lock key does

If I plug the Lan cable in AFTER the startup, everything is fine.

The BX2 driver is version 2.86. I talked with the Dell support people,
they had no idea. They said that they do not support 6.5 sp6 on the Dell
2950 yet.